What Services Does National Star Mortgage Offer?


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Nationstar Mortgage offers independent loan services for residents in the United States of America. Nationstar specializes in mortgage servicing, loan subservicing, and servicing from loan origination, as it explains on its site.

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Nationstar offers many services to investors, such as providing its servicing clients with solutions that enhance asset performance and improve credit savings, according to the company. The residential mortgage-servicing platform contains an outstanding principal balance of over $350 billion as of October 2015. Nationstar originates primarily conventional agency and government-insured mortgage loans and converts the loans into securitizations.

Nationstar provides two complementary residential real estate services: a digital real estate exchange and several real estate financing services, as it states on its site. The real estate exchange includes the company's subsidiary, Xome.com, and uses digital real estate offerings to deliver real-time analytics and information. Real estate financing services include asset management, escrow, title, close and collateral valuation services.

The company was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1994 under the name Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Incorporated. Nationstar is a mortgage lending company and is owned by Fortress Investment Group LLC, as Fortress explains. Fortress purchased Nationstar in July 2006 and took the company public six years later. As of 2015, Nationstar employs more than 5,000 people across the United States and is headquartered in Lewisville, Texas.

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