What Services Does MyTitleSupport Offer?

MyTitleSupport is a Web-based software system that allows lenders to outsource vehicle title requests from customers and dealerships, as stated by Dealertrack Technologies. This service works in conjunction with call center support.

A system developed by Dealertrack Technologies, MyTitleSupport is a website that dealers can use to request vehicle titles and other services. These can include the following: requesting proof of lien satisfaction, requesting a duplicate title, changing a state on a title, make a changing a name on a title and making payments for title services and vehicle payoffs, as stated on MyTitleSupport. The system handles customer requests, paperwork, and manages payments for all of these services from the dealer.

Each account holder gets access to information estimating when a title will be available and released. Vehicle dealers can review statements and transactions whenever desired. They can also use the site to track title status and request payoff quotes for vehicles. It is also possible to follow up with customer support if the title is not received for some reason. The service is available online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

MyTitleSupport is used by a number of lenders including Nissan, Infinity, TD Auto Finance, HSBC Auto, Citizens One, Fifth Third Bank and more, as listed on MyTitleSupport. Customers and dealers have to enter in their vehicle pin, loan account number and other loan information when requesting service.