What Services Does MyHR.bfusa.com Offer Their Customers?

MyHR is an online tool provided by the company Bridgestone for employees to track the status of and make changes to their benefits plans. This application is part of Bridgestone's efforts to take their human resources department online. They began this service in order to appease unions in 1996.

To access myHR.bfusa.com, one must be an active employee at Bridgestone. When an employee is are hired, the company gives them a user ID to access the site. The site also requires a password, which by default is the letters BF, followed by the numerical month and date of the employee's birthday, followed by the last four digits of their social security number.

The exact tools this site offers differs considerably from employee to employee. For instance, a part time employee may find the site does little more than put them in contact with Bridgestone's national human resources department. However, full-time employees can see additions to their retirement account and details about their benefits policies. They may also be able to request and authorize changes regarding their benefits. The site keeps track of an employee's pay stubs and tax information as well. Bridgestone may also provide electronic copies of important documents like a W2 to their employees through myHR.bfusa.com.