What Services Does Montana TAP Offer to Residents?


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Montana Taxpayer Access Point, TAP, allows residents to file tax returns, check refund statuses, make tax payments and search for unclaimed funds. Businesses can also apply for state tax certificates, update contact details and view account balances.

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The Montana TAP online system supplies information 24 hours a day for 57 tax types, as of July 2015. Individuals can view and submit forms related to personal income tax and estate taxes. They can also search for unclaimed property that the state holds and file claims for the property.

Large and small businesses can look into employee withholding, power of attorney disclosures and pass-through entity owner forms. Specialty businesses can view tax information concerning lodging, rental vehicles, oil and gas production, mining and telecommunications. Alcohol manufacturers and retailers can find details about distilled spirits, hard cider, beer and wine taxes. The Taxpayer Access Point also lets employers and their representatives upload forms such as W-2s for annual tax withholding, 1099s for interest and self-employed earnings, and MW-3s for tax reconciliation.

The Montana Department of Revenue oversees TAP. In addition to handling individual and corporate taxes, the agency sets taxable property values, oversees liquor store operations and facilitates the licensing and taxation of alcohol.

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