What Services Does Missouri Gas Energy Provide?

What Services Does Missouri Gas Energy Provide?

Missouri Gas Energy offers natural gas services to those in the western Missouri and Kansas City areas, and as of 2015, it is part of the Laclede Gas Company. Missouri Gas Energy delivers natural gas to both residential and commercial customers and provides various online services, such as bill payment.

Customers can request natural gas services from Missouri Gas Energy by visiting a business contact center, of which there are several within Missouri. The Missouri Gas Energy website also provides contact information for new customers.

Missouri Gas Energy and Laclede Gas Company both provide online portals for customers. Customers can enter the portal to view their bills and make payments. They can also use the portal to view their account history, register for Auto Pay to have their monthly payments automatically deducted, join Budget Billing or make changes to their accounts.

Other pay options available from Missouri Gas Energy include local pay stations in Missouri and standard payments by mail. The pay stations enable customers to pay their bill dues in person.

The Missouri Gas Energy website provides several free online resources for visitors. These include information about damage prevention, such as the Evacuation Safety Brochure, and links to related websites about gas and energy resources.