What Are Some Services of the Mexican Consulate in San Antonio?


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Services available through the Mexican Consulate in San Antonio, Texas, include accepting official reports of births and deaths for Mexican citizens, representation of citizens involved in legal issues and temporary boarding in the event of an unforeseen occurrence. The consulate may also provide emergency medical aid or help with immigration and visa disputes.

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Each Mexican Consulate location serves as a physical representation of the Mexican government within the United States, meaning the land is considered to be the property of Mexico and all of its laws and legal rules are in effect on its premises. The primary purpose of the San Antonio, Texas, location is to offer aid and support to Mexican citizens in that area, including an array of emergency services such as medical care for those on the property. It also employs legal representatives to help citizens accused of crimes or under threat of deportation when in the country legally.

The consulate also helps track and report official matters that require filing paperwork within Mexico, such as officiating birth or death certificates or reporting the marriage and divorce of Mexican citizens. A citizen may also be able to seek asylum in the embassy if she is under threat or pursuit by another government or private individual. It may also provide aid in returning to Mexico for citizens that experience theft or robbery that results in lost funds to purchase the travel back home.

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