What Services Does Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Company Offer?


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Services Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Company offers include annuities, life insurance, auto insurance, dental insurance and home insurance, according to MetLife. Other services include individual retirement accounts, mutual funds and brokerage, and disability income.

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Disability insurance benefits members when they are unable to work due to disabilities or sicknesses, states MetLife. It replaces a portion of members’ income during such times, covering expenses such as mortgages, education, car payments, food, clothing and utilities. It is available in different types of policies for businesses and individuals.

Members with life insurance plans are able to secure their families’ future, even when they have passed on. Plans cover expenses such as final arrangements, lost income and debts, explains MetLife. Types of life insurance include simplified issue term life, level term life, guaranteed acceptance whole life, universal life and whole life.

An IRA works as a key retirement savings plan or supplementary retirement savings plan, says MetLife. Members enjoy valuable tax advantages such as tax deductible contributions and tax-deferred growth. Members can save beyond the limit of their employers' retirement plan requirements. Members also have a variety of investment opportunities under this plan.

Home insurance offers coverage for property inside a member’s home such as television, furniture and clothes, explains MetLife. Damages on property due to lightning, fire, smoke, wind and theft are also covered. It covers liabilities such as court fees, legal defense expenses and judgments against injuries sustained on a member’s property.

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