What services does mClass Dibels offer?


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MClass: Dibels Next is an early literacy assessment software that offers services in English for grades kindergarten through six and in Spanish for grades kindergarten to three. The tools made available through mClass: Dibels allow educators to monitor student development on foundational reading skills.

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MClass: Dibels Next uses one-minute fluency measures to evaluate foundational reading skills. It automates assessment metrics and provides them instantly with recommendations for activities. Dibels Next uses research-based benchmark goals to compare student progress, track individual progress and target instruction to student needs. Aggregate reports are available to support decision-making on curricula.

MClass: Dibels Next is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple and Android touchscreen devices and is compatible with the Chrome and Safari Web browsers. Whlie an online connection is used to set up accounts and manage them through mClass apps, a connection is not necessary to conduct the assessments with students. The mClass: Now What tool generates instant progress reports for parents and highlights patterns to be analyzed for the creation of new targeted instruction. MClass uses online training courses created in partnership with Dynamic Measurement Group to increase users' proficiency in interpreting the data generated by this software.

MClass: Dibels Next CKLA Partner Edition is also available. This software uses the results of mClass: Dibles Next to match with lessons and activities from the Skills Strand of Core Knowledge Language Arts.

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