What Services Does Maryland Health Connection Provide?

Maryland Health Connection is an insurance portal for individuals, families and companies; it offers online and in-person assistance to help people select plans and providers and handles insurance-related matters such as claims and exemptions. Maryland Health Connection offers services in English and Spanish and connects people with a range of insurance companies including private health insurers and government-sponsored plans such as Medicare and Medicaid, notes MarylandHealthConnection.gov.

Through Maryland Health Connection, it is possible to apply for health insurance coverage, renew existing plans and terminate plans, states the organization's website. To be eligible for consideration, it is necessary to apply using a checklist. Requirements as of 2015 include a Social Security card, birth dates for family members, employment and salary information for all family members, the number of any existing insurance policy and a statement with any other insurance available to family members.

If accepted into the healthcare system, the next step is to choose an insurance company based on several parameters, such as income level and the number of dependents. Maryland Health Connection offers several resources to connect people with appropriate providers including in-person seminars and conferences. The organization has enrollment events at which it is possible to apply in person for health care coverage. It also offers assistance for applicants over the phone, through the website and via email. Insured customers can sign up to receive email notifications for insurance-related news and watch online videos for enrollment tutorials.