What Are Some Services the Maryland Department of Transportation Offers?


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The Maryland Department of Transportation is responsible for all transit-related services within the state, including local bus routes, metropolitan subway systems and light rail trains, as of 2015. It also oversees the maintenance of highways and the Port of Baltimore, sets toll fares, offers a trip planner tool and monitors traffic conditions.

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One of the Maryland Department of Transportation's primary services is the oversight of public transit systems within the state, which vary in size and fleet style between cities. The department maintains numerous regional offices to oversee operations in different cities and counties, each of which sets rates for fares and decides service routes in accordance with state laws and mandates. The Maryland Transit Administration page of Maryland.gov features a trip planner tool that lets users specify a starting and ending location anywhere in the state and receive a list of all possible routes between the two using public means; this list includes the cost of each option.

The Department of Transportation also observes traffic conditions throughout the state, offering related updates on its website and determining the need for highway construction or repairs. It is also responsible for organizing all commercial transportation within the state, including freight trucks, local delivery trucks, and any vehicles leaving or entering the Port of Baltimore.

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