What Services Does JVR Recycling Offer?


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JVR Recycling provides waste recycling and management services to its clients. Services offered include the collection of metallic waste, plastic waste and recycling of old corrugated cardboard. JVR Recycling also buys and sells metals and plastic, and offers container-based services.

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JVR also offers chemical or scientifically based recycling services. These services are tailored for laboratories and industries that deal with products such as 96 deep well plate and blue plate. These products are collected by JVR and are recycled and sent back to the industry or laboratory for reuse. JVR rewards clients who use its services and extends discounts on products purchased at JVR in the future. JVR encourages laboratories and industries to recycle their wastes to help maintain a clean and sustainable environment.

The company also offers waste consulting services. The metal- and electronic-based waste services are very diverse. The company collects nearly all types of metal waste, including copper, aluminum and iron. JVR also collects plastic and organic wastes from the counties and cities in which it operates. The company receives and pays for waste from users in specific areas. It operates an efficient pickup transport system to ensure that users are not burdened with the responsibility of ferrying the waste to JVR collection sites. JVR offers top-notch solutions for waste collection services, states the company's website.

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