What Services Does Jefferson Capital Systems Offer?


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Jefferson Capital Systems is a full-service partner that offers payment rewards, bankruptcy services and portfolio acquisitions, explains the Jefferson Capital International official website. Jefferson Capital Systems' clients include national debt purchasers as well as creditors, according to the Better Business Bureau.

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The payment rewards offer a variety of options for customization, including a payment rewards program lasting 45 or 60 days and an agency plus contingency program lasting up to 12 months, notes Jefferson Capital International. These programs provide customer benefits that include free phone payment by check and low monthly minimum payments. The bankruptcy services include purchasing unsecured or secured Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 accounts as well as handling accounts with automated services to minimize expenses. These automated services include mail and payment processing, claim filing, scrub services, and detailed case reporting.

Jefferson Capital Systems' portfolio acquisitions offer the ability for a client to sell almost all accounts during all stages of a recovery cycle, at charge-off or following multiple recovery attempts, reports Jefferson Capital International. Selling a portfolio during the recovery process produces a number of benefits, including immediate cash, steady income and freedom to focus on profitability. As of 2015, Jefferson Capital Systems' team advertises over 150 years of experience, flexible terms, expedited closing, high standards and unique solutions.

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