What Services Does Hyundai Motor Finance Offer?

What Services Does Hyundai Motor Finance Offer?

Hyundai Motor Finance provides vehicle leasing and buying services, according to Hyundai Finance. It also offers auto insurance plans such as mechanical coverage, maintenance, loss and theft, and damage care.

As of 2015, contracts for buying vehicles at Hyundai Motor Finance run from 24 months to 72 months, states Hyundai Finance. The buyer has the freedom of driving without a mileage limit, but the resale price of the vehicle decreases with more accumulated miles. At the end of the financial contract, a buyer receives a title and a lien release, or a letter to indicate that the lien on the vehicle has been released.

A person who obtains a car under a lease program only pays for a portion of the vehicle he has used during the period of a lease that runs from between 24 to 48 months, notes Hyundai. A customer chooses the amount of mileage he wants to use during the lease, with an option of buying more mileage.

Hyundai Motor Finance offers three types of mechanical coverage: Powertrain, Gold and Platinum. All these have benefits such as 24-hour roadside assistance, towing and nationwide services. Purchasers of mechanical coverage plans access free repair services for covered parts, after paying the required deductible, states Hyundai Finance.

Maintenance plans provide coverage for scheduled oil and oil filter changes, with an option to add coverage for tire rotation and multi-point inspections, explains Hyundai. Loss and theft coverage has three primary features, which include guaranteed asset protection, typically referred to as GAP, as well as theft protection and key replacement protection.