What Services Does Huff Realty Offer in Northern Kentucky?

What Services Does Huff Realty Offer in Northern Kentucky?

Services offered by Huff Realty in northern Kentucky include relocation advisory, mortgage services, home owner's and title insurance, as well as moving services. The company also provides information on rentals, homes for sale and auctioneer services.

Huff Realty offices in Kentucky are located at Fort Mitchell, Florence and Highland Heights. The services offered here are tailored to suit the pricing and housing needs of the people in the region. The company's relocation service is geared toward helping clients looking to relocate to find homes in their preferred location. Through this service, the company gives clients information about the new region, schools in the area, as well as available homes.

Through the HomeServices Lending company, Huff Realty offers clients a variety of mortgage services. Each Huff Realty office hosts specialists from HomeServices Lending who offer information on home financing, depending on individual needs.

For those looking to buy or rent a house, Huff Realty offers services to help link buyers with sellers and landlords with renters. Additionally, the company also offers auction services for clients looking for a fast way to sell a home. Huff Realty offers title insurance as well as several homeowners' insurance products.

Huff Realty offers services to commercial clients looking for agency services for office and industrial sites. The company also offers northern Kentucky residents realty warranty services in conjunction with the HMS Home Warranty company.