What Services Does Hoover's Hatchery Offer?

What Services Does Hoover's Hatchery Offer?

Hoover's Hatchery in Rudd, Iowa, offers to customers baby chicks, other fowl, supplies and merchandise. The website also offers an online store that customers can use to order the material. Additional services include a hard copy catalog request form, a printable order form and information on care of baby chicks.

Hoover's Hatchery categorizes its chicks under the headings of Brown Egg Layers, White Egg Layers, Broiler Chicks and Colored Eggs. The entries list prices and ordering information. Among the other birds the hatchery sells are ducks, turkeys, pheasants, geese and bantams.

The supplies available from the hatchery include starter kits, chick guards, standard fountains, galvanized feeders and heater bases. The starter kit has two 18-inch feeders, one 1 gallon fount, one one-bulb brooder and other basic starter items. Chick guards are available in 17- or 35-foot sizes, while the standard fountains come in gallon and quart sizes. The galvanized feeders include Candy Dish feeders and 3 foot feeders. Heater bases prevent the chick's water from freezing.

Merchandise available from the hatchery include sweatshirts, t-shirts, coffee mugs and caps. Many of the items carry the logo of Hoover's Hatchery.

Customers can also sign up for the hatchery's newsletter to receive email updates of new products and services.