What Services Does Homesite Insurance Provide?


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Homesite Insurance offers homeowners, renters and life insurance services, according to its website. It also offers flood insurance as an add-on to homeowners or renters insurance policies.

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The primary insurance policy offered by Homesite Insurance is homeowners insurance, explains its website. This insurance policy provides coverage for personal property and home replacement costs due to various incidents, such as extreme weather and natural disasters. It includes coverage for additional living expenses, personal effects, building structures that are not attached, personal injury and business property off premises. The policy also includes coverage for damages caused by fires.

Another service offered is renters insurance, says Homesite Insurance. Its renters insurance policy has different areas of coverage, depending on the chosen premium. It protects the personal property of the tenants, including replacement and repair costs, and personal injury costs. Earthquake coverage is available as an add-on policy for renters insurance.

There is also life insurance coverage, notes Homesite Insurance. Life insurance is available in multiple terms, including 10, 20 and 30 years. The terms and pricing for life insurance depend on the age of the enrollee when purchasing the policy. Coverage also varies based on the person's age. The younger the applicant, the more coverage and longer terms he receives.

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