What Are Some Services That Help Hoarders Clean Their Homes?


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Some services that help hoarders clean their homes are Steri-Clean, American Hoarders Cleaning Service, Home Clean Home and Clutter Trucker. As of 2015, Steri-Clean serves customers in nine states including California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Virginia. It offers services such as deep cleaning, cleanup and disposal of animal or human waste, triage and sorting of contents, as well as removal of non-running vehicles. It provides free estimates, email and phone support.

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The American Hoarders Cleaning Service specializes in organizing and cleaning hoarder homes, and it serves customers across the United States. This company offers four levels of services ranging from sorting and cleaning clutter to decontaminating potentially dangerous environments. It applies a systematic approach to sort through and catalog items in a cluttered home and remove all unwanted items.

Home Clean Home serves customers in the New York area including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. It helps compulsive shoppers and collectors identify the items they need and removes unwanted items with their approval. It also helps customers sell their unwanted items online. For animal hoarders, Home Clean Home helps locate new homes for their pets.

Clutter Trucker offers hoarding cleanup and extreme cleaning services to customers in Denver, Colorado. It provides free estimates online and by phone.

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