What Are Some of the Services EBay Brokers Provide?

What Are Some of the Services EBay Brokers Provide?

EBay brokers photograph, list, sell and ship auction items for people who cannot or do not want to do it themselves. Brokers generally charge a flat-rate listing fee and a certain percent of commission on each item's sale price. EBay brokers may help a customer set a price, letting her decide how much she want for each item, or they may help her find reputable appraisers.

Full-service brokers offer services that allow customers to bring their items to the broker, who takes care of everything. They scan or photograph the item, take care of the posting and bidding process and handling the payment and shipping.

While some brokers accept all items, others limit the types of items they list. They may specialize in particular items such as antiques, board games, wall hangings and computer equipment or in collectibles such as Pokemon cards and figurines.

Some eBay brokers also offer buyer services, offering to find and purchase specific items. Some brokers also coach customers on how to sell items and offer templates to customers who are not computer- and Internet-savvy.

EBay brokers' services are not available directly through eBay. Ebay offers its own service called Ebay Valet. Valets sell items on the customer's behalf for up to 80 percent of the sale price. Customers can mail in their items using a free postage-paid shipping label from eBay, or they can drop off their items to a nearby eBay Drop-Off Center.