What Services Does the Eaton Corporation Offer?

The Eaton Corporation is a manufacturing and parts distribution company that provides products, support and magazine subscriptions to customers in the fields of mechanics, aviation, manufacturing and more. The Eaton Corporation is primarily a producer of components for aircraft, car manufacturers and construction firms. It sells a range of products ranging from parts for cars and planes to safety equipment, notes Eaton.com.

The Eaton Corporation distributes components in several verticals, which include electronics, plastics, filtration, electrical, hybrids and industrial clutches, according to Eaton.com. In the field of aviation, its products include fuel, hydraulics, motion control and AOG support. For vehicles, it makes clutches, transmissions, differentials, superchargers and lubricants, and its electrical products include servicing and market solutions. For hydraulics, it has accumulators, connectors, cylinders, filters, motors and steering. Filtration market solutions include filter aids, beverage treatment kits, pipeline strainers, hydraulics and oil filtration systems.

In addition to these products, Eaton offers customer service support and marketing solutions for customers in its verticals. This assistance includes tutorials on using and operating products, along with advertising and white papers. The Eaton Corporation also has several industry-specific magazines that customers can purchase. These publications include "Electrical," "Communications" and "Vehicle Communications." Online and over the phone, Eaton offers a customer service and support center for its clients.