What Services Does Dominion Homes Provide?


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In addition to the construction of new properties, Dominion Homes offers a wide range of support and repair services for all of its homes, including replacing internal system and modifying external components. It maintains an online portal and support phone number to facilitate any claims on an existing home warranty.

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Dominion Homes works with local contractors and agents to build and sell new homes to residents of the Ohio and Kentucky areas, along with some areas of the surrounding regions. When a potential buyer meets with Dominion Homes, she is able to address concerns or requests for the home layout and choose some options for materials and features. After the construction ends, she is able to inspect the home once more to make any final requests for modifications or alterations and to learn about the process of caring for the home. She also receives a physical document that includes general and specific maintenance instructions to ensure the long term health of the building.

All of the homes the company builds include a warranty that provides coverage for common issues that result from normal use of the premises, but does not include coverage from natural disasters or theft as home insurance would. Owners must contact the company to submit a maintenance request and enact the terms of the warranty, subject to the approval of Dominion Homes. The warranty helps complete some maintenance on the work done during the original construction only, not aftermarket additions.

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