What Services Does the DeVilbiss Air Power Company Provide?

What Services Does the DeVilbiss Air Power Company Provide?

MAT Industries, formerly the DeVilbiss Air Power Company, designs and manufactures air compressors, pneumatic tools and pressure washers. The company markets this equipment under a number of different brand names. Prior to the name change, the DeVilbiss Air Power Company also maintained a number of service centers for its products in North America; however, as of 2016, this is no longer the case.

MAT Industries markets its air compressors and pneumatic tools using three different brand names: Powermate, Industrial Air and Sanborn. Each brand targets different consumer demographics within the pneumatic tool market.

Powermate offers air compressors, pneumatic tools, water pumps and pressure washers. In addition to air-powered products, Powermate also manufactures electric- and gas-powered equipment, including mowers, string trimmers and other landscaping tools. This brand primarily targets individual consumers through established retail outlets.

Industrial Air only produces air compressors. Targeted both at individual consumers and commercial customers, Industrial Air offers small air compressors for home workshops all the way up to heavy-duty models for auto mechanics and industrial applications. A subsidiary, Industrial Air Contractor, produces air compressors designed specifically for contracting and construction situations.

Sanborn, like Industrial Air, only produces air compressors. Sanborn's air compressors are mostly targeted at private consumers, but the brand also offers more powerful products for automotive repair shops and light industrial applications.