What Services Do Data Entry Companies Provide?


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Though available services may vary between companies, many data entry firms offer services such as digital transcription of written documents, the creation of PDFs for various files, data accuracy checks and the construction of custom databases. Some companies may also create mailing lists from company documents, compilation of survey results or scanning physical documents to convert the text into digital files.

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What Services Do Data Entry Companies Provide?
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At the basic level, the field of data entry involves taking information from one medium and transferring it to another, typically from a physical source into a digital one. As such, many firms offer a series of services that involves reviewing a hard copy document and inputting its data into another program, such as an spreadsheet, computer database or word processing document. Many companies also offer to create custom databases according to the information within the documents. For example, a doctor's office may hire a data entry firm to take its physical patient records and create a searchable database according to factors such as name, gender, condition or age.

Some firms also perform accuracy verification services on the transcription of data, even if the work is done by another company. This involves comparing the source material to the digital version and identifying any discrepancies. Another service commonly offered by data entry firms is the summation of raw data, such as answers to a print or online survey. The firm finds totals for the answers to each question and may also create a complete index of response.

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