What Services Does Costco Optical Provide?

Costco Optical is the eyewear and vision care division of Costco; Costco Optical offers discounts on prescription glasses and contact lenses in addition to eye exams from licensed opticians and optometrist, as reported on the Costco website. Costco members with vision problems can visit Costco Optical for full vision exams and to shop for glasses frames and contact lenses. Costco Optical can fill glasses prescriptions with a variety of different eyeglasses lens materials.

As a full-service prescription eyewear retailer and vision testing facility, Costco Optical is a popular choice for discount shoppers, notes Consumer Reports. In a 2013 survey of Consumer Reports readers, Costco Optical ranked at number one as the readers' favorite discount eyewear supplier. The survey noted, however, that Costco Optical tends to be a bit slow in producing prescription frames. One bonus is that Costco Optical will fill prescriptions for glasses purchased in other stores, meaning shoppers can get discount prices on lenses for glasses purchased from a trendier retailer.

Costco Optical is a division of Costco and can be found in most Costco stores. This part of the Costco retail facility is equipped with eye exam rooms and staffed with licensed optical professionals. In addition to checking vision, these professionals will perform an eye health check, all for an affordable price.