What Services Does Comprehensive Health Services Provide?

Comprehensive Health Services offers national medical exams, pandemic planning, behavioral health programs, on-location medical events, and employee health and safety programs. The company provides flexible and tailor-made workforce health programs using information technology, management principles and logistics.

Comprehensive Health Services conducts workforce medical examinations worldwide, including in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East. The company provides safety surveillance and work-readiness solutions to government and commercial clients. The company’s behavioral program includes psychological testing to address mental health issues and promote overall wellness.

The Comprehensive Health Services team works with industrial safety staff to determine and resolve environmental health and safety issues. The company also evaluates and ensures compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the United States Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. The company aims to minimize hazards and risks and promote workplace productivity.

Comprehensive Health Services' pandemic planning system involves working with clients and medical personnel to protect employee health and safety and reduce risk exposure. The company has established pandemic planning protocols for crises such H1N1 and anthrax contamination.

The company utilizes a scalable delivery model that can provide customized solutions to tackle large-scale health care challenges. The company provides program management services such as audit support, Web-based management tools and medical exam reviews.