What Services Does the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Provide?

As of 2015, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia provides a wide range of personal banking products, such as bank accounts, loans, credit cards, investments and online banking. The bank also provides a selection of insurance products, such as home, car, life and travel insurance, and financial banking products that are designed for various age demographics, including young adults, students, teenagers and children. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia's services include international money transfers and accounts for foreign currencies.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia also provides services for customers who are travelling, such as a travel money card, travel insurance and access to foreign currency. The bank provides financial planning services that are aimed at various consumer demographics, such as couples, families, people nearing their retirement age and young professionals.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is a multinational bank that is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The bank began operations on Dec. 22, 1911, and was initially a government bank before becoming a publicly listed company in 1991. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is part of four of the largest banks operating in Australia, with the other three being ANZ, Westpac and Australia Bank. The government of Australia made the bank into a completely private company in 1996.