What Are Some Services of City National Bank in West Virginia?

Some of the services at the City National Bank in West Virginia include online and mobile banking, wire transfers, lockbox and remote deposit services. The bank also offers its customers overdraft coverage and wealth management services.

Customers can enroll in City National Bank’s online banking services to pay their bills, check their balances and view their account statements. The bank’s mobile banking service allows customers to send texts to check their balances and account history. Customers can even use the bank’s mobile banking app to deposit checks with their smartphones.

Businesses can send wire transfers through the City National Bank and receive payments at a P.O. Box through the bank’s lockbox service. The bank’s remote deposit service allows businesses to scan their checks and send them to the bank for processing, instead of depositing a paper check at a branch.

The City National Bank provides overdraft coverage, at its discretion, to customers who opt in for this service. Account holders can opt out of this service, in which case the authorization of transaction depends on the availability of funds. Some of the bank’s wealth management services include investment services and the establishment of trusts.

As of 2016, the City National Bank, founded in 1957, has 85 branch locations in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia.