What Services Does Chase QuickPay Offer Online?


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Chase QuickPay offers one online service; it allows users to send and receive money. The service is available to almost anyone who has an email address but has some limitations, notes Chase.com.

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Chase QuickPay allows qualified users to send and receive money to others. It requires that both parties have a United States bank account and a valid email address. The service is available at no charge from Chase; however, data and message rates may apply if a mobile number is used during the transfer instead, notes Chase.com.

To use Chase's QuickPay service, the sender uses an email address and U.S. bank account to send money to the recipient. The sender may also opt to use a mobile phone number instead of an email address. Once the sender transfers the funds, the recipient receives an alert message stating that the payment is waiting. The recipient creates a Chase QuickPay account if he does not already have one, or logs into his existing account at the chase.com website. From there, he can accept the payment. The recipient must have a valid email address to create an account.

Certain limitations apply to QuickPay. At least one account involved in the transaction must be a Chase checking account. Chase coordinates the financial transfer between banks at no cost to either party for the non-Chase account. A user must also have a Chase account to use the service to request money via Chase QuickPay.

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