What Are Some Services of Broward Health Medical Center?


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Some services offered at Broward Health Medical Center include surgeries, dental services, neurology, pain management, and pet therapy. Broward Health also has the first certified stroke center and liver transplant program in Broward County.

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To view a comprehensive list of services offered at Broward Health Medical Center, go to the BrowardHealth website, hover the mouse over the Services tab at the top menu of the website, and then select a specific service from the provided list. The services offered appear in their alphabetical order. Click on a specific service to view more details about it. Alternatively, hover the mouse over the Services tab, go to Find Services Alphabetically, and then click on the first letter of the particular service you need.

To find a specific service using the Service Finder tool available on the BrowardHealth website, click on the Services tab, and click the Service Finder link. From the new page, type the specific service into the search bar, and then click the Search button. The services appear on a table showing the exact facility offering that particular service, and additional details about the service. Click on the blue dot to view additional details about the specific service listed under the Service column of the table.

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