What Are Some Services of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan?

What Are Some Services of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan offers a number of health insurance plans for individuals, families and groups, according to the companies website. Michigan residents interested in receiving coverage can obtain a free quote through the Get A Quote link on the BCBS home page.

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans are available to individuals and families, according to information found at the provider website. Persons under the age of 30 not needing full benefits may opt for a Catastrophic plan, which features low monthly payments and coverage in the event of an emergency, explains BCBS.

BCBS also offers a variety of EPO and PPO Standard, Plus Standard and Extra plans featuring a broad range of dental and vision coverage.

MediCare Advantage plans cover all Medicare services, while smaller MediCare options fill in gaps not covered by Original Medicare. Part D plans provide pharmacy coverage to those needing prescriptions, explains BCBS. Medicaid and State plans include Blue Cross Complete and MIChild options that offer services to un- and under-insured Medicaid recipients.

A number of PPO and HMO Group plans for businesses grant employee access to nearly every hospital in the state and 90 percent of doctors and pharmacies, states BCBS.