What Services Are Beings Offered by Asurion Insurance Services, Inc.?

Asurion Insurance Services primarily offers coverage for mobile devices and other electronics. The company also delivers and installs electronic devices and performs tests to ensure functionality.

Asurion insures mobile phones, tablets, televisions, computers and major appliances, among other electronics.

In addition to offering insurance against theft and damage, the company provides subscribers with an app for mobile phones and tablets that enables the device to be tracked and remotely locked in the event of theft or loss. The actual app and range of features varies depending on the phone manufacturer or service provider. There are unique apps available for Sprint, AT&T and Verizon phones. The Soluto app also covers a wide range of other phone types. Some apps for Android also provide protection from viruses.

Asurion also offers a "Premier Support" program, which allows subscribers to call at any time and speak to an expert who can assist with set-up and troubleshooting of any electronic device. Access to this service is included with the protection apps.

If a claim that requires a repair is made, Asurion has their own team of technicians that travel to the subscriber's home. In some cases, products such as mobile phones may need to be sent to a service center for repair.