What Services Does B-Dry Offer?


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B-Dry offers several services, including the repair of damaged basements and crawlspaces due to various causes. The company specializes in correcting issues due to water damage and offers waterproofing services to prevent future damage and air filtration systems to control humidity and reduce unpleasant odors in the home.

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B-Dry divides its services into three categories: prevention, restoration and air filtering. Its prevention services focus on waterproofing basements and other interior areas of the home to protect against water damage. B-Dry's proprietary system involves cutting out a portion of the floor to create a new drainage hole that safely leads water out of the area into a disposal section and prevents water from pooling up in the space and eroding the walls or foundation. The company also offers a similar service for waterproofing crawlspaces.

B-Dry's restoration services specifically target foundations and walls that experience water damage due to flooding or other occurrences. The company removes and replaces warped floors, takes down and repairs bowing walls, and refinishes surfaces. It also helps to repair shifting or compromised foundations to avert future damage.

In addition, the company installs air filtration system in basements and crawl spaces. These systems help remove musty smells and maintain proper humidity.

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