What Are Some Services That the Axa Equitable Life Insurance Company Provide?


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The Axa Equitable Life Insurance Company provides life insurance policies, retirement services and investment products. Axa offers term, whole and universal life insurance. Axa also provides variable annuities, individual retirement accounts, 401(k)s, brokerage accounts and mutual funds. Employers also have the ability to offer retirement savings and benefits plans, according to Axa.

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Axa's BrightLife term insurance policy offers fixed premiums for an agreed number of years. In contrast, the Interest Sensitive whole life policy provides complete protection until death, per Axa. BrightLife Protect is Axa's universal life policy, which comes with complete protection and flexible premiums. This policy is ideal for anyone who worries about his ability to keep up with monthly payments.

Annuities are retirement products that offer protection against the possibility of outliving retirement savings, explains Axa. The company offers a steady stream of income at retirement in return for monthly contributions. Variable annuities have greater potential for growth but also come with increased risk.

Axa's investment products and services are a great way to invest money in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Personal wealth portfolios are ideal for managing varied investments that include mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, states Axa. These portfolios are diverse, managed by the company's financial professionals and come with detailed quarterly reports on performance.

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