What Services Are Available From Zenith Insurance?

What Services Are Available From Zenith Insurance?

Zenith Insurance offers services to support its workers' compensation insurance policyholders, including managing claims, preventing and controlling losses, and combating insurance fraud, according to the company website. Other services include managing medical issues, assisting employees in returning to work, and providing safety and health education programs to employers and their workforce. Zeinith specializes in workers' compensation and agribusiness insurance policies.

Zenith Insurance uses multiskilled bilingual teams to assist policyholders and medical providers in creating and implementing return-to-work plans for injured employees, explains the insurance company. Services include developing light-duty assignments so employees can resume work and transition to full-duty positions. The insurer helps employers develop safe and productive work alternatives.

The return-to-work services Zenith offers its policyholders encompass virtual training, breaking down social and psychological barriers to employment, and answering employer and employee questions, notes the company.

As part of its claims management service to its workers’ compensation policyholders, the insurer uses its Special Investigation Unit to investigate and validate employee claims, or to determine whether fraud or abuse exists, explains Zenith Insurance Company. The insurer reviews each of its policyholder's workers'

compensation claims when employees lose time from work. It refers its findings to state fraud authorities when it has evidence that employees of policyholders have committed fraud.