What Are Some Services Available Through RBC Direct Investing?


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Some services available through RBC Direct Investing include automatic services, such as the Pre-Authorized Contribution Plan, Dividend Reinvestment Plan, Automatic Investment Plan and Treasury Bill Rollover. These services are provided free of charge to all company clients as of 2015, notes RBCDirectInvesting.com.

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The Royal Bank of Canada offers an extensive range of personal investing services, including RBC Direct Investing, states the company's official website. This option is designed for individuals with adequate knowledge and skills in formulating investment decisions. Consumers who avail of this service are provided free investment solutions that offer higher levels of control in managing their accounts.

The Pre-Authorized Contribution Plan facilitates periodic deposits to a client's RBC Direct Investing account from a savings or checking bank account. Based on the client's preference, contributions can be performed on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Clients with qualifying pre-authorized contribution plans may not have to pay a quarterly maintenance fee.

The Dividend Reinvestment Plan enables clients to automatically place the dividends they receive for reinvestment. This service gives prior consent to RBC Direct Investing to buy shares on behalf of its plan holders. The Automatic Reinvestment Plan allows clients to configure their accounts and arrange beforehand the acquisition of select mutual funds.

Other automatic services offered by RBC Direct Investing include the Automatic Funds Transfer and Systematic Withdrawal Plan. Clients who utilize the automatic funds transfer service have the option to either transfer a set amount or their net interest and dividends on a monthly basis.

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