What Services Are Available Through Hershey's MyHR Portal?

What Services Are Available Through Hershey's MyHR Portal?

At Hershey's MyHR portal, Hershey's employees can access nearly all human resources services including benefit and policy information, enrollment tools and company communications. The portal also features e-learning courses, as well as employee engagement and wellness surveys.

Once logged into the portal, employees can read up-to-date information from company headquarters. This is very helpful, for example, when there has been a large snowstorm and employees need to find out if they need to come to work.

Decision support tools help employees decide what benefit plan works for them. As the MyHR portal is unique to each employee's role and location, the available information is tailored to each employee.

The Hershey Company's Total Rewards Overview booklet states that the MyHR portal is the "official location for all company Human Resources policies and benefit information." Employees can securely access the MyHR portal 24 hours a day from any Internet connection. A username and password is required.

The Hershey's MyHR portal was designed to be a customer-friendly site to allow easy communication to over 7,500 employees, according to Kim Mann, the director of compensation, benefits and human resource information systems, or HRIS, for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts. This eliminates the need to call or email the entire workforce.