What Services Are Available at the Palm Beach County Tax Office?


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The Palm Beach county tax office offers taxation and licensing services within the county, according to the Palm Beach County Constitutional Tax Collector. Services generally include collecting local taxes and processing licensing applications.

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Various licenses, including boat licenses, motor vehicle licenses, hunting licenses and fishing licenses, are available for application directly with the county tax office, as the Palm Beach County Constitutional Tax Collector reports. The office also offers state identification cards and disabled parking permits. Service centers are placed throughout the county, with various services available at different locations, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Operating hours and contact information for these locations vary and differ depending on the type of services offered at each specific location.

The tax office also has taxation responsibilities, as the Palm Beach County Constitutional Tax Collector reports. Real property assessments, draining assessments and tax collection are Constitutional Tax Collector activities. Tangible property taxes, local business taxes and tourism taxes are also collected by the tax office. The office operates using fees collected and does not depend on taxpayer funds for operation. Excess funds beyond the operating budget needed by the office are distributed to other local government agencies.

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