What Services Are Available to Kaiser Permanente Members?

What Services Are Available to Kaiser Permanente Members?

Kaiser Permanente offers health management services, wellness information and affordable health plans to its members. These services are available online and can only be accessed through a membership account, according to Kaiser Permanente.

Members of Kaiser Permanente can check their medical records online, including previous test results, immunizations and health reminders. They can interact with the doctor easily through the message center and schedule or cancel appointments via the appointment center, explains Kaiser Permanente. There is also a pharmacy center through which members manage their prescriptions and learn about specific medications.

Kaiser offers health and wellness information as well as facts on certain diseases, prescription drugs and natural treatments. Members access online programs, wellness coaching and classes on health management, notes Kaiser Permanente. They also receive special rates on all services.

Individual and family health coverage plans are also available at Kaiser, and members can request a quote, apply online or seek assistance in selecting the right plan. Administrators, employers and employees can select from competitive custom programs available, according to Kaiser Permanente.

Members can also locate the right doctor through their account, explains Kaiser Permanente. They can search for facilities within their region and get directions, contact information and maps. Commonly used forms, publications and handbooks are also available, and feedback can be sent to the member service department online.