What Services Are Available on the Fidelity Home Page?


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Services offered at the Fidelity website homepage include trading, mutual funds and retirement programs. Fidelity provides investment guidance, research and tools that customers can use to make educated investment decisions. Expert advice at its website is available for retirement planning and wealth management.

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Trading stocks successfully at Fidelity requires following the basic rule of thumb, which is to buy low and sell high. This is better guided when investors have access to research that provides insights into each stock's earning potential. Without adequate information, inexperienced investors often buy popular stocks at high prices. Alternatively, new investors sell a stock after the price has fallen and miss out on a solid long-term investment. Price alone shouldn't be the determining factor for buying or selling stocks, and reading detailed information helps investors avoid these mistakes.

Bid and ask prices play an important role in trading. The bid price is what investors are offering to pay for a particular stock. The ask price is the retail value of the stock, which is slightly higher than bid price. The seller of the stock receives the bid amount, and the buyer pays the ask amount. The spread is the monetary difference between bid and ask price, and the spread goes to stock trading brokers as a profit.

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