What Services Are Available for Associates on MyWalmart?

What Services Are Available for Associates on MyWalmart?

myWalmart.com is an intranet that allows associates to track their benefits, work schedule and connect to coworkers. The service is exclusive to Walmart employees. The online community serves as a social networking site, yet has the same features found on a standard corporate intranet.

The social networking functions of myWalmart.com are designed to engage associates. Aside from finding coworkers and discussing work-related topics, associates can directly connect with company leaders. This connection helps the associate become more involved in the company.

myWalmart.com is primarily used for tracking and managing employee benefits. Health care, 401k and profit sharing information can be found on the network. Hourly associates in the United States can also check their work schedules and request time off.

Another function of myWalmart.com is to connect the associate to discounted services and merchandise. Aside from the benefits typically found on a corporate intranet, associates can find third party benefits and offers. Special discounts through websites like Corporate Shopping offer myWalmart.com users exclusive offers.

Designed by Rockfish Interactive, myWalmart.com helps connect over 900,000 registered associates with their company benefits. Employees can access myWalmart.com from any home computer with Internet access, making benefit management and connecting with fellow associates very easy.