What Services Does the Asurion Insurance Company Offer?

Asurion is a mobile technology company that offers a unique blend of technical support and insurance coverage for electronic devices. Customers can file claims with Asurion to have lost or stolen phones replaced, as well as receive repairs or replacements on other qualifying deceives.

Asurion was founded in 1994 as a technology development and research business. Over time it acquired numerous other companies, allowing it to expand coverage to both Europe and Asia and develop new ways to protect the devices of its customers. In 2010, it created the first iPhone insurance program that allowed iPhone users to purchase damage and theft protection separate from Apple's warranty coverage.

Purchasing Asurion insurance coverage provides the purchaser with access to the full suite of Asurion coverage benefits. This includes on-call technical support experts to aid in understanding and troubleshooting a variety of devices and electronics. Support specialists can be reached via email, phone call or through the Asurion smartphone app. These experts also aid in determining if a covered device is defective or damaged, and advise the plan holder on the appropriate actions.

Filing claims with Asurion is done via its website. The process includes providing detailed information about the product and the issues that precipitated the claim. Once the claim is processed, the appropriate action is taken as per the specific coverage plan.