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Ascension is the largest nonprofit health care organization in the United States, and it provides personalized health care services to all types of patients, especially those who cannot afford quality health care, as the organization's website explains. Ascension health care professionals aim to deliver safe, efficient and outstanding holistic care that involves physical, emotional and spiritual support.

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Operating as the largest Catholic health system across the globe, Ascension promotes patient-centered care that focuses on improving the overall well-being of a patient. In part, it accomplishes this through a compassion-driven treatment approach, according to Ascension. The organization offers scientifically proven medical services to reduce the occurrence of preventable injuries and deaths worldwide.

Ascension establishes interdisciplinary teams consisting of senior executives, managers, caregivers, quality control professionals and IT experts to provide complete and reliable medical care, as its website details. As of 2015, the organization has more than 153,000 associates and 1,900 health care sites throughout the United States. It also has around 40,000 employed and affiliated providers serving in 131 hospitals and 30 senior care centers.

Ascension seeks to extend health care access to various communities by supporting health care programs and policies and by implementing community-based care models, as described by the organization's website. The subsidiaries of Ascension also offers services such as clinical care, physician practice, treasury management, biomedical engineering, venture capital investing and contracting.

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