What Services Does the American Diabetes Association Provide?


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The American Diabetes Association funds research to cure diabetes; it also provides advocacy services for those with the disease and supports physicians with information material and practice guidelines. The ADA's research grants fund scientists who are seeking a cure for the disease.

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Research grants from the ADA include the Core Research Program and the Pathway Program. The organization also provides grant funding for thousands of diabetes-related research projects across the United States. Its Boehringer Ingelheim Research Award, for example, funded a study of chronic kidney disease and diabetes. ADA awards aid in developing research and training in diabetes study. Donations to the ADA go toward funding these grants and awards.

The ADA also provides public outreach programs to educate communities about the disease. These awareness programs are targeted at communities with significantly increased risk of diabetes, including Latinos, African Americans, seniors and Pacific Islanders. There are also programs for American Indians and Alaska Natives. The ADA distributes educational materials to these communities; additionally, it performs political advocacy for minority communities that suffer from diabetes.

Diabetes camps help children with the disease experience the fun of camping. The ADA helps to fund these camps, giving financial assistance to families who cannot afford the cost. ADA camps teach children how to better manage the disease, including self-care and other diabetes management skills. Counselors integrate lessons on these skills into fun camp activities. In some cases, children can take diabetes education classes at camp.

ADA advocates serve the diabetic community by bringing the disease to the attention of state and federal lawmakers. The organization encourages its members to write and call representatives to make the disease a national concern. The goal of ADA advocacy programs is to give a voice to those with diabetes and ensure that their needs are met by the government.

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