What Services Does Air Cargo Carriers Provide?


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In addition to air freight cargo carrying services, Air Cargo Carriers provides on-demand cargo charter services, aircraft component parts sales and aircraft repair services. For its cargo-carrying operations, the company uses its fleet to provide delivery services for customers that include major players in the overnight express industry. Its fleet has grown significantly, taking on a role in the expansion of other services offered by the company.

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With scheduled routes in the United States and the Caribbean, Air Cargo Carriers excels at transporting goods by air for its customers, which include the U. S. Postal Service, Federal Express and DHL. Expanded contracts with these customers beyond freight carrying have included ground handling equipment and complete transportation infrastructure.

In the process of growing its business, Air Cargo Carriers amassed the world's largest civilian fleet of Shorts SD3-30 and SD3-60 aircraft. This and several strategic partnerships led the business to offer a service providing component parts for sale. The company is uniquely able to stock large airframe parts including air ducts, stabilizers, doors, windows and many other parts that other vendors are not able to keep in stock.

In partnership with Milwaukee Avionics and Instruments, the company offers aircraft repair services including aviation instrumentation and radio/navigation systems repair.

With its large fleet, Air Cargo Carriers also offers on-demand transportation of cargo including small and large containers or palletized freight throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico.

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