What Services Does Advocate Health Care Offer?


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Services offered by Advocate Health Care include counseling in individual, family and group settings for all age groups, as well as inpatient stabilization care for adults exhibiting psychiatric symptoms. They also provide psychiatric services for people of all ages and run a deaf and hard of hearing program that offers therapy, medication and case management in American Sign Language.

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Advocate Health Care also offers groups for adults, children and adolescents. Many adult programs focus on living with depression or anxiety. The Learning to Smile Again support group teaches new skills for managing depression, while the accompanying Keep Smiling group uses cognitive behavioral skills to cope with everyday bouts of depression. The Mindful Living group focuses on improving individual well-being to lower incidents of anxiety and depression.

Groups for adolescents include the Between Us Girls Group for girls between the age of 13 and 17, which addresses proper socialization, self-esteem and the development of coping skills. The Bright Futures Program for adolescents ages 12 to 18 is designed to teach problem solving and affect regulation to those with behavioral and emotional struggles through education and therapy. Adolescents with drug or alcohol issues are served by the Clean Start Program, which helps them to set goals and develop discipline while promoting the importance of academics and healthy hobbies.

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