What Are Some of the Services That the 21st Mortgage Corporation Offers?


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The 21st Mortgage Corporation offers financing and loans for mobile homes and manufactured homes, according to 21st Mortgage. The company also provides home insurance products as a full-service independent agency.

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Financing is available for single and multi-section mobile homes, notes 21st Mortgage. This includes homes in mobile home parks, on private land and on leased land. The minimum loan amount offered by 21st Mortgage Corporation is $20,000, as of July 2015. The company does not provide loans for homes that are foreclosed or facing repossessions. Most states have mobile home age restrictions, but Alabama, Minnesota and New York do not. In these states homes must be 20 years old or newer, 1999 or newer and 1995 or newer, respectively.

A small down payment is required, often as little as 5 percent, according to 21st Mortgage. The third party fees and closing costs are financed into the loan. Escrow is required for taxes and insurance. The terms for financing are between 60 months and 23 years. Mortgage insurance is not required. The company also provides home insurance as one of their services.

21st Mortgage Corporation also has a page dedicated to current mobile and manufactured homes for sale, and they offer financing help for these properties, states 21st Mortgage.

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