What Are Some Service Canada Locations?

What Are Some Service Canada Locations?

Service Canada has offices in most larger Canadian cities and towns, including Ottawa, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Most of the services offered by Service Canada can also be accessed on the Internet or by telephone.

There are Service Canada office locations in every province or territory and every provincial capital. Service Canada connects Canadians to all of the government services, programs, assistance and benefits that they can access from the Canadian Government and its many partners.

Employment programs available include training and apprenticeships, assistance in finding jobs, unemployment benefits, job grants and the Canadian Pension Plan. Old Age Security and Social Insurance Numbers are managed there also.

Service Canada offers in-depth information on benefits, assistance and steps to take to access them for all types of life-changing events. Categories are broken into detail to assist users in finding the correct benefits and necessary forms to access these benefits. Some subjects include having a baby, coping with a disability, raising a family, traveling abroad and managing debt.

An additional benefits finder allows users to search for specific benefits that may only be available in certain provinces or territories or under special conditions.