How Do You Serve a Notice to Increase Rent?


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Serving a rent increment notice to a tenant can be done either in person or through mailing, notes yourlegalcorner.com, but the process of serving may vary from one state to another. Landlords should study the tenancy laws of their states before serving a notice.

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Serving notice to increase rent varies from one state to the next. For instance, in Washington a landlord can serve three-days-or-vacate notice to a tenant, while in California, a minimum of a 30-day notice must be served, according to yourlegalcorner.com. In many states, the notice to increase rent should be in writing. In California, landlords can serve the notice personally, or they can mail the notice directly to the tenant. Personally presented notices take effect either 30 or 60 days from the day they are received depending on the percentage increment, while mailed notices have an extra five days to be effective.

Many states allow landlords to increase rent on their properties, but some contracts may deter them from raising the rent. For instance, they cannot raise the rent on a property on lease during the contract period, explains yourlegalcorner.com. Additionally, if a contract dictates that the rent cannot be increased, a landlord cannot serve a tenant with a rent increment notice.

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