What Is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing refers to Search Engine Optimization. This marketing technique focuses on the free, natural or organic search engine results, as well as getting a website ranked higher in those results. This is a separate technique from pay-per-click advertising methods, which are search engine results that are paid for.

Major search engines have natural search results that appear when an individual searches for a specific term or phrase. The search engine results then appear based on how relevant the search engine feels that each one will be to its users. Companies do not pay for their websites to appear in these search results, but they can hire someone to specialize in increasing how high their website is in the rankings. This position is called an SEO marketer.

There are a number of tasks that a SEO marketer performs. One is editing content on the website to make it appear more relevant. Coding or adding backlinks is another way to improve relevancy in regard to search results. There are companies that specialize in SEO marketing services, and will perform these tasks for their clients. However, results may take time, as the process for updating search results for specific keywords is not done every day.