What Are Some Senior Living Communities in New Hampshire?


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Some New Hampshire senior living communities, as of 2015, are Forestview Manor, Golden View Health Care Center, Fox Meadow Retirement Home and Sugar Hill Retirement Community, according to the SeniorLiving website. New Hampshire has a number of senior living communities covering the needs and desires of seniors based on both financial abilities and medical needs requirements. These communities range from independent homes and condos to residences that offer full nursing home care.

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The range of available living conditions for seniors is varied. Some communities feature housing in which the senior is either a homeowner or shareholder in the community. Other communities offer full-time nursing services, notes SeniorLiving.

One example of a high-end community is Sugar Hill Retirement Community, which offers housing that ranges from a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment up to a two-bedroom two-bath detached cottage, with prices starting at $150,000. This community is for the more active senior who may be very mobile but doesn't want to deal with everyday chores such as cooking or yard work, notes Sugar Hill.

The mid-range communities are designed for seniors who, although mobile, may have slight-to-moderate health care issues. One example is Fox Meadow Retirement Home, which is non-institutional, and seniors are encouraged to be as independent as possible. They receive assistance by the staff with most daily chores. Nursing services are also available, but the emphasis is on assisted living, according to the Fox Meadow Retirement Home website.

The third type of senior community, such as Golden View Health Care facility, is basically a hybrid. It features accommodations for assisted living, early-stage Alzheimer's patients, and long-term patients, as noted on Goldenview.org.

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