How Do You Find Senior Citizen Jobs?

The AARP career center, Maturity Works, and Senior Job Bank are all online resources for senior citizens to find jobs according the US Department of State. These online job banks provide listings for jobs specifically for senior citizens posted from employers around the globe.

The AARP Career Center also includes articles for senior citizens in the job market that offer advice on finding careers that provide flexible schedules and other benefits specific to senior citizens. Many seniors are seeking part-time jobs or online opportunities that allow them to work remotely, and these articles address how to find these kind of opportunities. AARP also points out that many seniors are finding rewarding work in the nonprofit sector after retirement, and others are building their own businesses or working as consultants. Seniors seeking to travel may find work as tour guides in a new city or work remotely online while traveling.

Maturity Works is the official job board of the National Council on Aging (NCOA). NCOA also provides tips for job seekers in addition to employment postings.

Key job resource websites for seniors include FortyPlus, Mature Services, the National Older Worker Career Center, Not Yet Retired, Senior Job Bank, Senior Service America and the Older Workers & Retirement Interest Group. The American Association of Retired Persons also includes resources and career advice for senior citizens.

The US Department of State also suggests two print resources: "Don't Stop the Career Clock: Rejecting the Myths of Aging for a New Way to Work in the 21st Century" by Helen Harkness and "Finding a Job After 50: Reinvent Yourself for the 21st Century" by Jeannette Woodword.